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The following documents are evidence that directed the Steering Group to reach the draft policies contained in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Appendix A             Consultation Report July 2018Link
 Appendix B Community Report Link
 Appendix C Postcard Survey


 Appendix D 'How Congresbury has Grown' A Report for Congresbury Parish Council - June 2015 - Updated January 2018Link
 Appendix EHighways and Transport - Evidence Base Report. Technical Report 19709/1 August 2017. Mark Baker Consulting LtdLink
 Appendix FAppeal Ref: APP/DO121/W/15/3004788. Land off Brinsea Road, CongresburyLink
 Appendix GAppeal Ref: APP/DO121/W/16/3151600. Land off Wrington Lane, CongresburyLink
 Appendix HAppeal Ref: APP/DO121/W/17/3176151. Land to the East of Brinsea Road, CongresburyLink
 Appendix ISite Allocation Surveys (to be added asap)Link
 Appendix J Speed Watch dataLink
 Appendix K Congresbury Listed BuildingsLink
 Appendix L Employment Survey 2016Link