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The Parish Council has set up a Working Group to review its planning policies and consider the future strategy for housing and the development needs of the village. Initially the group was called the Strategic Planning Working Group. This has now been changed to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group following the Parish Council decision to lead on the adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. The revised Terms of Reference can be found here. The agendas and notes from the various meetings are available below;

 25th January 2017 Agenda Notes 
 5th December 2016  Notes 
 3rd October 2016  Notes 
 2nd June 2016  Notes 
 28th May 2016 Agenda  
 6th April 2016  Notes 
 22nd March 2016   Flyer
 25th February 2016 Agenda Notes 
 5th February 2016  Notes 
 13th January 2016 Agenda Notes 
 17th December 2015 Agenda  Report
 2nd December 2015 Agenda  
 20th August 2015 Agenda Notes 1 Report
   Notes 2 
 6th November 2014 Agenda Notes 
 15th December 2014 Agenda Notes
 16th March 2015 Agenda  Report
 1st June 2015 Agenda Notes 

Please note the Neighbourhood Planning page (left hand tab) contains reports produced by the Strategic Planning Working Group (Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group), including Congresbury Development History, Planning Strategies and the Review of North Somerset Land Supply Identification and Selection Criteria for Congresbury.