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North Somerset Council is required to demonstrate it has a 5 year supply for land for development. Without this, developers can submit applications at none identified sites and they maybe successful if they can demonstrate it is a sustainable development.

Each local authority has to undertake a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments (SHLAA) as it is a key component of the evidence base to support the delivery of sufficient land for housing to meet the community’s need for more homes and support the local plan. They are required by national planning policy as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and its supporting guidance (NPPG). These require local planning authorities to prepare such assessments to establish realistic assumptions about the availability, suitability and the achievability of land to meet the need for housing and economic development over the plan period.

The purposes of the SHLAA are to:

  • Identify sites with potential for development
  • Assess their development potential (suitability)
  • Assess the likelihood of development coming forward (the availability and achievability)

The role of the assessment is to provide evidence to support plan making but does not in itself determine whether a specific site should be either allocated or granted planning permission for housing or economic development. The assessment does not imply that there is any presumption in favour of any development proposal.

A report prepared in June 2015 outlines a 'Review of North Somerset land supply identification and selection criteria for Congresbury' and is available here