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Freemantle Developments - Bristol Road

Freemantle Developments have submitted outline planning permission for the erection of up to 21 dwellings on land south of Cadbury Garden Centre, Bristol Road, Congresbury, BS49 5AG.  

Further details on the Planning Application 16/P/2982/O can be found here

Congresbury Parish Council recommended refusal of the application on the grounds of  that any development on this site must have a safe access onto the A370 which the applicant has not demonstrated and the projected numbers of journeys from the site are not realistic. The proposed development will increase the risk of accidents along the A370 and at the accident hotspot of the Smallway junction. Also the Parish Council feels that insufficient information has been provided to give reassurance that the development would not increase the possibility of flooding in neighbouring properties.  

Strongvox Homes - Brinsea Road

Strongvox Homes have submitted an outline planning application for up to 24 dwellings and construction of access from Brinsea Road with appearance, landscaping, layout and scale reserved for subsequent approval.

Further details can be found here.

The objection report by the Parish Council can be found here

The result of the Planning Hearing can be found here

Barratt Homes - Silver Street

The appeal by BDW Trading Ltd on behalf of Barratt Homes for the Site off Brinsea Road, Congresbury was in October. The appeal by BDW Trading Ltd on behalf of Barratt Homes for the Site off Brinsea Road, Congresbury was DISMISSED by the Planning Inspector on 30th Nov 2015. The full decision report can be found here.

The North Somerset District Council refused consent for the Barratt Homes application for outline planning consent for development of land off Brinsea Road, Congresbury, BS49 5EX. The reasons to refuse consent were that 1. The proposal represented a large scale development that is in an unsustainable location outside the settlement boundary. 2. The proposed erection of up to 80 new homes represents a form of development that would be out of keeping with the rural landscape character and quality of the area and 3. The existing road network in Congresbury has insufficient capacity to accommodate the increase in traffic likely to be generated by the proposed development, leading to unacceptable queues and delays on a route performing a strategic function. Further  details are available on the North Somerset website Barratt Homes Outline Planning Application reference 14/P/1901/O or by following the link at; here.

The formal Parish Council input to the original application can be found here and the revised document following proposed mitigation highways scheme can be found here.

A report on what went well and what aspects did not go as well with regard to the Barratt Homes Planning Inquiry and the involvement of the Parish Council has been produced. This report can be found here.

Sunley Estates Ltd - Cobthorn Way 

Sunley Estates Ltd have submitted an outline planning application for residential development of 54 single and two storey dwellings (including 16 affordable homes) with vehicular access off Wrington Lane/Cobthorn Way together with open space, landscaping, drainage features and pumping station. The planning application can be viewed via the North Somerset Council Planning website here. The formal Parish Council objection can be found here.

The development was approved by North Somerset Council but with a greatly reduced number of houses, now 38 and a revised transport scheme.  

Strongvox Homes - Venus Street 

Strongvox Homes have amended their submitted full planning application. The amendments reduces the number of dwellings from 19 units to 14 units. The outer edges of the new homes have been moved further from the green buffer that forms the site boundary and the type of affordable homes has been changed from 3 storey flats to 2 storey homes. The planning application can be viewed via the North Somerset Planning website here. The formal original Parish Council objection can be found here and the amended document can be found here .

Strongvox have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate against non-determination of this application. The motion to support officers’ recommendation to oppose the appeal and indicate reasons for refusal was defeated at North Somerset Planning and Regulatory Committee on on 13th January 2016.  North Somerset Council officers have been instructed to indicate to the Planning Inspectorate that the Council would have approved the application.  

There is a duplicate application which is 16/P/0147/F full details are available at the North Somerset Council website available here. 

North Somerset Council approved the revised scheme for 14 units. The application for appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for non-determination will therefore not go ahead. 

Gladman - Wrington Lane

Gladman Developments Ltd have submitted an outline planning application for a development of up to 50 houses on a site adjacent to Wrington Lane/Wrington Road. 

The details of the application can be found on North Somerset Council website available here.

Gladman Developments Ltd have made an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for non-determination, the appeal reference is APP/DO121/W/16/3151600. They have also submitted a duplicate application which is 16/P/1521/O, any comments can be added to the North Somerset Planning website available here.

The date for the Planning Appeal has been set for 28th - 31st March and 4th-5th April 2017. Details of the Planning Inquiry are available here. 


The result of the planning inquiry was that the appeal by Gladman Development Limited was dismissed. The inquiry took place in late March and the beginning of April and heard representations from local residents, CRAG and the Parish Council. The conclusion of the Inspector Anne Jordan was that; 

'When assessed without any assurances that affordable housing can be delivered on site, the harm arising from this scheme would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the identified benefits. The proposal must therefore be considered to fail to comply with the presumption in favour of sustainable development and the appeal is dismissed.' The full decision notice can be found here.

Following the submission of the appeal the appellant submitted a subsequent identical application, which was the subject of ongoing negotiation in relation to the means of access and the form of highways improvements along Wrington Lane. This was passed by North Somerset Council Ref 16/P/1521/O.

However, the appeal being dismissed is an excellent result for the village and can be attributed to the hard work of local residents, CRAG and especially Peter Walton.  The Parish Council wishes to thank him for all of his hard work and dedication and all the other residents who contributed to this successful outcome.