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Full Parish Council

The Full Parish Council sets the Council's strategic priorities, discusses major projects, fixes the annual Precept, authorises all grants and other requests for funding, approves expenditure over £5,000 and appoints members to committees and representatives on outside bodies.

Please click on links to view minutes and agendas.  Please contact the Parish Office if you would like to see minutes and agendas from previous years. 


 17th August 2020   
 13th July 2020 Draft Minutes Agenda  
 8th June 2020 Minutes AgendaDocuments 1 Documents 2  
9th March 2020 Minutes AgendaDocuments  
 17th February 2020Minutes AgendaDocuments 1  Documents 2 Documents 3 
 13th January 2020 Minutes AgendaDocuments 1  Documents 2 
 9th December 2019 Minutes AgendaDocuments1  Documents 2  
 11th November 2019Minutes Agenda Documents 1 Documents 2 Documents 3 Documents 4 
 14th October 2019 Minutes Agenda Documents 1 Documents 2  
 9th September 2019Minutes AgendaDocuments 1    Documents 2    Documents 3  
 12th August 2019 Minutes AgendaDocuments 1 Documents 2    Documents 3  
 8th July 2019Minutes AgendaDocuments 1  
 10th June 2019MinutesAgendaDocuments 1  
 13th May 2019 MinutesAgenda  
 8th April 2019 Minutes Agenda Documents 1 Documents 2