Applying for a Grant

The Council is allowed, by law, to issue grants to organisations, provided that any funds granted can be demonstrated to be for the benefit of the inhabitants of Congresbury. There are two types of grant; Planned and Emergency.

A decision to issue a Planned Grant will be made by the Council in May and any amount payable will be issued from June. Emergency Grants can be applied for at any time during the year but are dependent on available funds and cannot be guaranteed.

Local organisations who wish to apply for a grant are strongly encouraged to submit their applications for funding by no later than the last working day of November. All grant applications must be accompanied by a fully completed application form and a financial statement (eg statement of accounts, income and expenditure).

If your organisation wishes to apply for a significant sum of money (eg over £1,000), then you may also be required to submit a detailed business plan in support of your application.