Parish Recycling Scheme

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 Congresbury Parish Council is working with North Somerset Council to encourage residents to; Wash it. Squash it. Sort it.

Why is this important? Sorting your recycling allows crews to complete the job more quickly. This in turn helps to reduce congestion on the roads as well as minimising any other disturbance or nuisance caused. As sorting makes it easier for materials to be placed into the correct sections of the vehicle it will also help keep the streets cleaner and reduce the amount of litter that can be left behind after a collection, improving the neighbourhood and street scene.

What can you do?

  • Recycling is sorted by hand, so teams won’t collect broken glass or jars and plastic containers that are dirty
  • Use untied carrier bags to separate materials, except glass which should be placed directly in your box
  • Wash and squash all containers
  • Rinse all jars and bottles
  • Breakdown cardboard boxes
  • Place all clothes and shoes in a plastic bag to keep them dry (even if damaged)
  • Place batteries in a clear plastic bag before putting them in your box
  • Brown and coloured paper gets recycled with cardboard so please keep this separate from your white paper, newspaper and magazines

  • If you are unsure, do the ‘tear test’. If, when you tear it, there are brown fibres inside then it is card. If they are white then it is paper. Paper bags, wrapping paper and cereal boxes are all card.
  • Metal lids from your glass jars or bottles should be removed and placed with your tins, cans and foil
  • Buy a box net to cover your box and stop items blowing away. These can be purchased for £2 from North Somerset Council
  • Bag your food waste before emptying it into the outside collection caddy. Plastic bags can now be used to line your kitchen caddy and are the preferred method of doing so.

Ordering new boxes

If you need additional containers for your recycling or food waste you can order them for free by visiting or by calling North Somerset Council on 01275 888 802.

Congresbury Parish Council also has a supply of food caddies and recycling boxes available to replace lost or damaged ones. Please call into the Parish Office during working hours for this service.