Millennium Green

There will be a meeting of Congresbury Millennium Green Trustees on Monday 11th December 2023 in St Andrews Room, The Old School Rooms, Station Road, Congresbury at 6.30pm..

The agenda can be viewed here
Charity Overview


Sue Grant and a few others on the Parish Council started to think about joining the north and south of the Village 10 years before it actually happened. The dream began when there were thoughts about building on the King George V playing fields and relocating it to what is now the Millie Green.

Those plans never happened, but in 1998 with the new millennium 2000 looming the Government announced that there would be a Millennium Commission and money made available for ‘Village Greens’. As Congresbury had a vision, and a site, we were the first to make an application and the first to be awarded.

Nothing happens without huge amounts of energy, passion and determination. Congresbury had all of those qualities in the Parish Council Clerk ‘Sue Grant’. Sue made it happen, there were tears, tribulations and aggravation but her little Team never lost the vision. Together they made it happen.

Millennium Green Bridge at sunset

Sadly, Sue is no longer with us but the 5 stones at the entrance are a lasting memorial to her vision and determination. The Millennium Green has fulfilled all of its promises. It joins the two halves of our Village together, it’s open space is a small oasis of calm, a little part of our Village where everyone can walk, sit and enjoy it’s peace. You can play, walk or just sit and dream.

Memorial Stones

Photo credit: Stuart Watts

Bridge with Crane

Photo credit: Michael Greaves