The Congresbury Parish Council Allotments are located off the A370 at Woodhill.

The annual rent is £45 for a full size plot and £23 for a half size plot, effective from the 25th January each year. The majority of the 80 plots are full size, although a few have been divided into half size plots for those who only wish to maintain a smaller area.

A waiting list system is operated for the allocation of plots as they become available. To join the waiting list either e-mail the Parish Office or call during office hours on 01934 838802.

Please note that we currently do have plots available but please email

To aid in the smooth operation of the site there are rules which all tenants are required to abide by before signing the Tenancy Agreement Form.  

Allotment Tenancy Rules
Allotment Tenancy Agreement Form 

Vegetable plot